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It's been so long. I feel I haven't post anything in ages. Life has been seriously busy lately, that's why. And it seems that is the general tendency among friends. Whoever I talk to, they are trying to juggle a million things at once. That's life these days, I guess.
The news have been scary, lately. Around the globe. Very scary. This year we have seen all kind of sadness, craziness, nonsense around the world. Even natural disasters have been horrific. And it seems it escalates year after year. To be honest the last few motnhs I have felt the need to hide, to retreat and protect my loved ones. To move somewhere where nothing can reach us, not even social media or TV... -especially social media and TV-
But how? How we protect the people we love? How do we hide? Where do we go?
Not sure where the world is going and if you have kids it can get really really scary at times. Is this the world we are leaving to them? What I'm sure about though is that more than ever I …

When grandma and grandpa come to town

My parents have been in town with us for three weeks now. It has been everything I was expecting and much more. My house feels full, the -good- full. I feel so happy with them around.
In our family, we talk a lot. Some times I feel we talk too much. So, lots of talking around here these days; lots of good conversations-, and lots of everything else; good food, memories, outings, photos, laugh, fights (yep, that too) and much more (like in an infomercial). It has been a blessing to have my parents here. It has been amazing for our son to share this time with them. They will be with us one more week and we will try to make the best out of it. I know my heart will be broken to see them leave but I guess I will focus on the next trip and the next time we all will see each other again.
Some photos with grandma and grandpa and our days together, simple but great days together.

Madison in the summer

For some reason, I don't want to let go of the idea of warm summer-days this year.  Every year and right at this point when summer is kind of fading away and the cool breeze rolls into the city, I usually feel excited and inspired by the arrival of the Fall season and its beautiful colors; not this year. I'm longing for more sunny days, and sunshine and summer scenes like the ones below in my pictures. Not ready for layers yet. Not ready for cold days.
But we live in the northern midwest area of the country and seasons don't play around here, they get on time and do their job.
I won't complain much, still three full weeks of summer (with grandma and grandpa) and to be fair September is a gorgeous month in Madison as well.
Some pictures of beautiful Madison in the summer. Good week to all. Peace and good health, friends.